Yesterday (yes I'm late again...oops...) March 22, was BtoB's one year anniversary!!!! YAAAAY! Our babies have been extremely successful and have done their best to please the Melodies. Let's hope that they will do just as well in their second year and all the years to come! :D
Infinites comeback MV officially came out yesterday!.... I'm a bit late reporting it but nobody comes on this site anyway so it's alright ;P
U-KISS (short, unsatisfying) Rant

I'm sad.
U-KISS needs to be 9 members. Alexander and Kibum must come back :'(
This matter is bothering me.
Also the fact that I didn't know U-KISS with the original members, yet I'm still falling in love with them :'( WHYYYYYYYYYYY
I'm sure Blue agrees...
I vote we kidnap them all and bring them to North America and become their managers.
My house can be their dorm!!!! Yesssss this shall work!!!! We can write their songs, choreograph their dances, shoot their music videos, plan their outfits, plan their photoshoots, design their albums, do their hair and makeup, make them workout to get abs (ehehehe), deal with their scandals, and best of all...... we.......can......ummm (I'd rather not finish that thought.)
We already have a head start! We've got a rap, and 2 songs plus a brilliantly choreographed dance..........
INFINITE- 'Man in Love'! They are having a comeback on March 21st 2013. The teasers are out! (and they are amazing!)
New boy group from cube Entertainment! They are a  Chinese/Korean group called M4M :)
They are awesome :)
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Hey there! This is our first ever Post. This page will be used as a Blog/News page. we will pretty much post anything we want..... Enjoy!!