C-Clown released their new music video and song "Shaking Heart" today! It's really great! They have new looks, that make them all incredibly adorable. The style of music is still very 'C-Clowny', which is good, because they have a great style!!!
Go watch it if you haven't already :3
Images for their comeback have been put on facebook!
This concept looks like it is going to be great and I am really excited!

So BtoB is having a comeback soon? On April 10th apperently.... I've seen a few reports of them coming out with a digital single on April 10th... But I'm not sure when an actual full album/mini album comeback might be..,,
In any case, I'M EXCITED!

Anybody else have any news?

The Digital single is called "Second Confession" and it's sup
Infinites comeback MV officially came out yesterday!.... I'm a bit late reporting it but nobody comes on this site anyway so it's alright ;P
INFINITE- 'Man in Love'! They are having a comeback on March 21st 2013. The teasers are out! (and they are amazing!)