we were bored. There isn't much else to say about it


Blue's Day Project

Green likes 'emo' guys, especially guys with black nails... >:) so as a joke... I sent her this photo of Baozi that I quickly edited. 
(yeah it is edited really poorly but I just did it quickly on my phone and it was difficult to select the nails) 

We then joked about how pathetic I would be if i spent the whole day putting black nails on photos of Baozi. Green joked that I should just edit all of our biases to have them.

I started by redoing Baozi on my computer
he turned out a little better, but I still needed practice.
I then put together a list of our biases and other members that I thought would look good with black nails... 

yeah... I'm pathetic.

so here are the results!
so this happened and it's kinda awkward, but whatever.

It was fun.

: )

update a few hours later: Hogod and another Ilhoon are up!
update a few weeks later: Zico and another TOP have been completed.
this song. Oh my god. I seriously love this song so much, I can't even remember the last time I fell in love with a song so quickly. I was watching the MV, and thought, "Hey, he can play piano really well!" Then, the actual song started and as soon as he started singing I was done. Yep, this is my alltime favourite song I think, and it took maybe five seconds to determine that. I don't even know why I love it so much, I just do.

When I learned that Taemin and Kyuhyun were going to be in it, I was a bit worried. None of those three are rappers, but I thought that Taemin would be able to pull off a rap the best, although it might be awkward. But then.... THERE IS NO RANDOM RAP BREAK! The one thing I hate most in kpop is the "raps" that don't fit the song! (followed by "dubstep" breaks) This song was so refreshing and it flows so well. Kyuhyun and Taemin's parts aren't too distracting since their voices fit well with Henry's, and they didn't take away too much from the fact that this is Henry's SOLO debut.


I love this song so much

Anybody else think that Henry looks a bit like Gyu in this video?

so... yeah. I just needed to get some of that out. this song is so perfect, probably the best song out of all the recent releases. (to me, at least)

okay... bye! 

so this is a little something that green and I started a while ago, and we made enough rankings that I should be able to make at least two more videos! For more information, read the description on the video
*comes back to life to stare at Sungyeol*
*dies again*

but seriously. this MV is so cute, and it made more sense than the Korean one did. (also, what's up with Woolim putting Korean in the Japanese choruses?) The members all look really adorable :3
SECOND CONFESSSIIOOOON!!! OMG BTOB :) The new MV is adorablllle :3 so cute!
But.... BTOB.... Just..... Isn't great at being forced to be adorable....
But they just look so awkward.... Except for Sungjae... His adorable acting was great :3 Ilhoon and Minhyuk were also alright at it, but... Some parts were just so awkward or forced...
I love Sungjaes bread part :3 so cute
I don't like Ilhoon skipping across the street.... Or Eunkwangs monkey face.
But don't get me wrong, I LOVE THEM ALL!
I'll stop now before I say anything more to tarnish my favorite group
And this scene is just waaaaaaay too awkward. It's adorable but not natural at all.
So, we haven't mentioned this on the website yet but... WE ARE GOING TO KOREA! All of us administrators are going to Korea this summer..... SO EXCITEEEEEEDDDDDD :D
And we have been hoping that BtoB would have their comeback promotions while we are there BUT THEY MIGHT NOT~!!!!!!!!!!!!
:'( :'( :'(
It was a lot to hope for....
But it seemed realistic....
But now it might not happen....

I had to rant.... I'm sorry....
I've been reading this fan fiction about Bang YonggukxHimchan :3 I like it :3 I'ts got a great storyline and also is incredibly adorable ^_^
It's called 'I Will Protect You (A BangChan fanfic)' by emers43 on Wattpad
Aaaaah remember these day? The days of rookie BtoB when we were still trying to learn their names and faces :3
These boys are great at fanservice. THEY'RE SHIRTLESS IN THE VERY FIRST EPISODE!

The purpose of this page is so everyone can fangirl (or fanboy) about any group that they want :) Each group will have a category and under that category will be many random posts about that group :) The whole thing will be very random and crazy...... hene