Blue's Day Project

Green likes 'emo' guys, especially guys with black nails... >:) so as a joke... I sent her this photo of Baozi that I quickly edited. 
(yeah it is edited really poorly but I just did it quickly on my phone and it was difficult to select the nails) 

We then joked about how pathetic I would be if i spent the whole day putting black nails on photos of Baozi. Green joked that I should just edit all of our biases to have them.

I started by redoing Baozi on my computer
he turned out a little better, but I still needed practice.
I then put together a list of our biases and other members that I thought would look good with black nails... 

yeah... I'm pathetic.

so here are the results!
so this happened and it's kinda awkward, but whatever.

It was fun.

: )

update a few hours later: Hogod and another Ilhoon are up!
update a few weeks later: Zico and another TOP have been completed.